10 Reasons Why Americans Should Be Watching Cricket

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Cricket, most likely the most ridiculued game in the United States, it is time for that to change. Let’s get something out of the way, yes you can play for 5 days and end up in a tie. But most often that is not the case. There are now 3 major forms of the game, all played at a different pace, from the traditional 5 day “Test” matches to the very fast and very fun 20 20 ccricket

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How to Explain ODI Cricket to Americans

1. It’s the second most popular sport in the world

Introduced by the British (like most great sports) as far back as the 16th century, cricket quickly spread throughout the world to her Majesty’s colonies. It remains most popular across the ex-British colonies, particularly India and its neighboring countries, Australia, the West Indies, Southern Africa and the British Isles. It is estimated that there are up to 2.5 billion cricket fans.

Did we mention the fielders don’t wear gloves, with the solid ball traveling up to 100mph? This ain’t baseball folks…


2. Sachin Tendulka- the most popular sportsman of all time?

The legendary Indian ex-cricketer is arguably the most recognized sportsman in the world and known as the greatest batsman of all time. He scored over 30,000 runs for India. A household name amongst a population of over 1.2 billion, Sachin Tendulkar could be the most famous sportsman ever.


3. For Chris Gayle

The West Indies batsman is quite the character on and off the field. He recently scored the first ever double century at the World Cup 215 runs from 147 balls with 16 sixes and ten fours against Zimbabwe. He calls himself the “World Boss” and this legend isn’t afraid of flaunting his style on social media.

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4. You see stuff like this…

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Top 10 biggest sixes in cricket history

5. And this…

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6. A game doesn’t always last 5 days. There are more exciting versions worth watching

A popular criticism of cricket is that it’s a drab sport with one game lasting up to five days and no one wins at the end. Take note people, there are other, faster versions of the sport. One day games are limited to 50 overs a team and finish by dawn and you’re guaranteed a winner! Even quicker and yet more exciting is Twenty20, in which the game is limited to 20 overs each, lasting under three hours. The current World Cup in Australia and New Zealand takes the form of one day tests.


7. Cricket fans love drinking

With the sport very popular in Australia, England and South Africa, there is one aspect which is certain to be present- beer. With a game lasting up to 5 hours beer becomes an essential companion. And what goes better with beer and sports than a bit of fancy dress…


8. The fancy dress

We don’t know the history behind this one, but cricket fans love to dress up.

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9. The celebrity fans

A host of British and Australian celebs are huge cricket fans, including none other than Daniel Radcliffe, Russell Crowe, Lilly Allen, Sam Mendes, Mick Jagger, Pier Morgan, Hugh Jackman, Elton John and of course Prime Minister David Cameron. Surprisingly there are a number of American celeb fans as well, including Katy Perry, Eric Clapton and Mark Wahlberg (who owns a stake of a team in Barbados).

Mark Wahlberg … transcendental.

10. National pride

Cricket is a national sport rather than club sport. Entire nations gather behind their national team in hope of glory over the arch rivals. For the English no game is bigger than against the Australians and this is cause for much jovial banter and beer drinking. Hopefully at the end everyone remains gentlemanly and a good sport…