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If you are looking to emigrate, or even just visit Canada, you need to know everything Canada is capable of. After all, like the extra settings on a Japanese toilet, how can you enjoy something without knowing its full capabilities? It’s like keeping the car in first gear or handing the entire Republican Party to Jeb.

Here are 10 things that Canada, and Canadians, excel at, and do better than anyone else (even though America will always be the #1 country in the world to be located where America is until New Russia/Putinland begins).

1. Multilingualism

Languages in CanadaImage Source: Morgan mckinley

Contrary to what Americans think, multilingualism is not something everyone learns once they are married. Instead, multilingualism refers to the act of speaking multiple languages. While it is not mandatory to speak multiple languages in Canada, you can, and if you want to work for the government, you may need to.

However, French and English are not the only languages open to Canadians to learn and enjoy. Canada, and its Canadians (only we can call ourselves Canucks), enjoys the presence and unity of over 200 different ethnic communities throughout the country, from the Chinese, to Arabs, to Latin Americans.

2. Political Progressivism

Things about CanadaImage Source: Bidness

It is no secret that Canada is politically progressive. After all, our current Prime Minister is a feminist and our previous Prime Minister was a robot. Canadians are situated somewhat to the left politically than their Southern neighbors. This may be due to the large influx of American migrants during the American Revolution, the work of abolitionists to free the slaves prior to America, or even just the influence of the British Empire, which America left behind in the 18th Century.

Hardship often makes people Republican. When you have little for yourself, you are less likely to share with others. When you have more, you open your pockets, or you open other peoples’ pockets and become a Democrat. Since the 18th Century, Americans were busy infighting during the Civil War, expanding and conquering the frontier, stopping the Spanish from invading their Southern borders, and more. By contrast, Canada received the support of the British Empire and never left.

3. Canada Has the Greatest Comedians

Things about canadaImage Source: Zimbio

It is no secret that the best in American comedy is actually Canadian. Famous Canadian comedians include Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, John Candy, Russell Peters, Seth Rogen, Eugene Levy, and Dan Aykroyd before Amy Pascal kidnapped his family in exchange for a Ghostbusters endorsement (Hi Amy, this is what a joke looks like!). More names include Will Arnett, Jay Baruchel, Tommy Chong, Nathan Fielder, Dave Foley, Tom Green, Jason Jones, and Samantha Bee. If that is not the entire spectrum of American comedy, I do not know what is. Larry Wilmore?

4. Canadian Identity and Pride

Thiings about CaadaImage Source: USA 4th of july

People are so proud to identify as Canadian that, for years, Americans have been doing so when abroad. Saying you are a Canadian is the one time you can acknowledge your existence without apologizing for it and Canadians like to do so any chance they get.

If you have ever met a Canadian backpacker, he or she (we are so progressive, women get their own pronoun) will usually say something along the lines of “I’m Canadian. I know what cricket is.”, or “I’m Canadian. What is the currency exchange rate from American Dollars to 100% Maple Syrup?“ The only things Canadians are more prideful of than their existence, is the existence of Tim Hortons or the Maple Leafs).

5. The Cleanest Air in the World

Things about canadaImage Source: National Observer

Canada is known for being an energy and environment-conscious country. From our pedestalizing of icons like David Suzuki, to the individual environmentally-friendly behaviors of average Canadians (we all look like Hollywood Ryans). In 2011, Canada had some of the cleanest air in the world.

While we are not perfect, we try and we improve. Every Canadian is reminded of what is at stake, whenever they look outside or, if you live in Toronto, take a two mile drive in any direction. Canadian wildlife is majestic, our waterfalls are so good they attract visitors from around the world, and we possess at least 20% of the entire world’s freshwater supply. All this and more (we can’t forget about the children) is at stake and we cherish it greatly.

6. An Entertainment Industry That Respects Artists

Canadian FactsImage Source: Vignette

I know what you are thinking: “Canadian Entertainment Industry? Isn’t that in LA?,” and the answer is “Yes.” However, there is a whole other Canadian entertainment industry in Canada, hence the name. The entertainment industry in Canada represents and advocates for its artists. For instance, ACTRA (the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists) is a union that represents artists in their industries.

The union protects artist’s rights, by allowing for fairer compensation and working conditions for actors than they might be able to seek elsewhere. For instance, it is a requirement in Canada, via the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, that 35% of all music content must be Canadian-made.

7. The Beautiful Landscape

Facts about CanadaImage Source: Marc Adamus

Canadian landscape is beautiful. From the Yukon to small town Nova Scotia, Canada looks amazing. Canada is also home to Muskoka, dubbed the “Hollywood of the North,” due to countless Hollywood celebrities purchasing land and cottages up there. If you are into canoeing, hiking, or any other form of woodland sport, you cannot go wrong with Muskoka. Canada, in general, is a very nice place to see, which is why so many Hollywood productions film in Canada. Whistler, British Columbia attracts ski bums from all over the world, as does Banff National Park.

8. A Strict Yet Fair Immigration System

things about canadaImage Source: The Intellectualist

Canada is different when it comes to our immigration system. While other countries have strict immigration systems that hamstring emigrants who want to start businesses, buy land, or realize their rights as citizens in a new country, Canada encourages everyone to apply for their piece of the Great White North.

The key is to encourage foreigners who can benefit, and add to, Canada, by offering skilled trades, linguistic ability, and more. However, Canada does also accept refugees fleeing war, like when it resettled 25,000 Syrians fleeing sectarian violence in their home country. Unlike other nations, Canada is able to balance its need for skilled individuals to benefit their nation, with open-heart policies like the resettlement of refugees.

9. Above Average Standard of Living

Facts about canadaImage Source: Monkeys

As a nation that respects and encourages its citizens, it is no surprise that Canada is above average when it comes to providing an acceptable standard of living to all. Combining Canadians’ friendly attitude towards strangers, its multiculturalism and diversity, and its rewarding immigration system, makes Canada a great place to live and grow old.

10. Canada’s Love of Science

Things about Canada Image Source: Wiki space

We are living in strange times. Up is down, black is white, and Hillary Clinton is not soaring in the polls like television of the past twenty years promised. We even have news anchors in America like Don Lemon who thinks that black holes and children’s fantasy plots cause airplanes to disappear. Canada promotes

Canada promotes women in science, women like Roberta Bondar, who was the first Canadian female to travel into outer space when she went in 1992. Recently, Prime Minister Trudeau announced that Canadian scientists would be free to speak to the press, no longer being “muzzled” by the administration.

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