American Celebrities Who Are More Loved in Canada Than Back Home (Even Randy Quaid)

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Hollywood has a deep connection to Canada. Although many know of the countless Canadian celebrities that travel to Los Angeles and achieve fame, from Mary Pickford to Ryan Reynolds, fewer realize just how much American actors love Canada.

The film industry in general likes to shoot in Canada because of the cheaper cost of shooting there, along with the similar sites to shoot at. Case in point, you may have been watching a blockbuster Hollywood movie and unwittingly been viewing a Canadian city, like when RED, starring every beloved movie star 20 years ago, filmed in Toronto.

While it is hard to judge approximately 370 million people’s preferences when it comes to celebrities, especially American ones, we can know which ones are celebrated in Canada, and which have expressed their joy of the Great White North. Essentially, if Americans put cheese and gravy on everything, they would be Canadian.

Discounting all the Canadian-born celebrities who moved to America, here are some of the most-enjoyed American celebrities North of the border.

Gwyneth Paltrow

American celebrities more loved in CanadaImage Source: US Magazine

Gwyneth Paltrow traveled to Canadian province Newfoundland and liked it so much she called it Heaven on Instagram. Who knows if she is virtue signaling or simply signaling virtue? Social media can be so confusing sometimes.

Paltrow visited Shoal Bay, Fogo Island in Newfoundland. Canadians know Paltrow from the Marvel Iron Man movies, as well as previously in Shakespeare in Love, and Se7en. Like most Canadians, as long as they are from Quebec, Paltrow speaks French fluently. However, unlike the Quebecois, Paltrow also speaks English fluently.

Barack Obama

American more loved in CanadaImage Source: ABC

After Obama’s rousing speech extolling the merits of Canadian governance, the Liberal-held House of Parliament (Canada’s Congress) shouted “Four More Years.”

Although such an act would be in violation of American law, after the passing of the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution, which does not allow a President to serve for more than two terms, it is expected that a more liberal version of American politicians would cheer such a “liberal” President. Having passed similar legislation in the past, many Canadians would approve of Obama’s efforts to institute universal health care, gay marriage, as well as gun control restrictions.

David Letterman

Stars more loved in CanadaImage Source: Huffington Post

If “CANADA LOVES LETTERMAN,” is any indication, Canadians love David Letterman. And why not?  Canadians know “funny” when they see it, which explains the rise of Jim Carrey, and when they do not, which explains the rise of Seth Rogen.

Letterman even sang Canada’s national anthem on “Late Night” in 1986. Letterman also hired Canadian Paul Shaffer as his bandleader when hosting “Late Night.” Canadians love their comedy and, as such, love Letterman.

The Rock

Stars more loved in CanadaImage Source: Muscle and Fitness

Many people know The Rock used to play in the Canadian Football League before he found fame as a WWE wrestler and action movie star. Few know that his father, “Soulman” Rocky Johnson, also a famous wrestler, was Canadian. As such, The Rock has always had an affinity for Canada and Canadians, who gave him a chance when the NFL would not.

He is included in this list because most people think The Rock is American and Samoan, but not Canadian. To be fair though, everyone’s a little Canadian at heart.

Steven Spielberg

American Celebrities Who Are More Loved in Canada Than Back Home Image Source: Huffington

World famous director Steven Spielberg enjoys Canada as much as Canadians enjoy his movies.

E.T., the Indiana Jones Series, and more are beloved classics North of the border, as they often show the protagonist escaping through wooded terrain on a quest to reach safety, which is what many liberal Americans will be doing once Trump wins in November. Two of Steven Spielberg’s favorite Canadian foods are Quebec maple syrup and Montreal bagels.

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

American Celebrities Who Are More Loved in Canada Than Back Home Image Source: Pop Sugar

Two of the most famous American movie stars to emerge in Hollywood in the last few decades, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn love and are loved by Canadians. They even cottage in Muskoka from time to time. Muskoka is well-known for attracting celebrities and other high-profile people, due to its world-famous beauty. It even held the G8 in 2010.

Tom Hanks

American Celebrities Who Are More Loved in Canada Than Back HomeImage Source: The Atlantic

Tom Hanks, although born in California, is practically a living Canadian stereotype at this point. Known as “the nicest guy in Hollywood,” Hanks would simply be another Canadian actor if he was born up North.

Hanks recently purchased a cottage in Muskoka. No one purchases a cottage unless they plan to visit, and visit regularly. Canadian fans know Hanks from practically every 80’s and 90’s movie that mattered growing up, from “Big,” to “Forest Gump,” and to that one time he played a homeless guy on an island in “Castaway.”

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I guess this is the silver lining that emerged once the Republican Party ripped itself apart. It was due to too much high energy, especially among Colorado Republicans.

Miley Cyrus

American Celebrities Who Are More Loved in Canada Than Back HomeImage Source: RC News

“Slightly more masculine Justin Bieber”, Miley Cyrus will be coming North of the border permanently if Trump is elected. I have not seen a trade deal this bad since President Obama “traded” $400 million to Iran in exchange for American prisoners. As long as one of them stays South of the border, we hit a zero-sum game, so it evens out (this is a joke for all the economists out there since, given the state of the world economy, Venezuela “cough” “cough,” they clearly are not working right now).

Whoopi Goldberg

American Celebrities Who Are More Loved in Canada Than Back HomeImage Source: Variety

Come November, Canada may be making Whoopi feel comfortable in her new home, if she in fact decides to move there. Where will she go after the View? It is very possible she will either join a major media network in a big Canadian city like Toronto or Ottawa, or she might live in the quiet rural countryside. Nova Scotia’s nice this time of year.

It is a rare thing when American celebrities show their love for their Northern neighbor, Canada, since if they really wanted to visit and live in a slightly-more liberal America, they could just go to California. At least it is hot there and parkas are only worn as ironic fashion statements.

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