Bucket List-Worthy Desserts From Around the World

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Travelling is an incredible experience that can open your eyes to all the wonders of the world – including treats. Here are the yummiest bites you need to taste at least once in your life.

1. NYC, USA: Momofuku Milk Bar, Birthday cake

Image Source: Shopmilkbar

To try it is to love it! Christina Tosi’s giant layer cakes have unfrosted sides so you can get a peek of the deliciousness that awaits. Oh! And did you know you could learn how to make it, too?

2. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Cachafaz, Alfajores

Image Source: Emporiumdagulla

There are endless variations of cookies around the world, but these heavenly Argentinian bites are arguably the ones you’ll ever have. And Cachafaz is known to master the art of alfajores, a confection made with dulce de leche (or anything you can think of) sandwiched between two round cookies coated with powdered sugar and coconut flakes.

3. London, UK: The National Café, Eton Mess

Image Source:  Desireempire

Forget about towering sundaes. This traditional British treat made of a mixture of berries, broken meringue and cream is traditionally served at Eton College’s annual cricket game against Harrow School – but you can indulge all-year-round when visiting this charming café tucked in London’s National Gallery.

4. Paris, France: Pierre Hermé, Macarons Sandwich

Hermé’s Miss Gla Gla Macaron Ice cream sandwich with rhubharb and strawberry; Image Source: Yelp

The macarons trend took the world by storm several years ago, but no one makes macarons like pastry master chef Pierre Hermé. Not even Ladurée. Get them oversized for extra pleasure, or in a rectangular shape for something different.

5. Paris, France: L’Arpège, Whole Apple Tart

Image Source: Bakersbalance

This dessert is one of the best seller at this iconic Parisian restaurant – and rightly so: tucked in a sugar puff pastry, a bouquet of flower-shaped apples are lightly crystalized with sugar, taking this simple, classic dessert to the next level. Yum!

6. Santiago de Compostela, Spain: Pasteleria Mercedes Mora, Tarta de Santiago

Image Source: Thespicegarden

This almond cream-filled cake is the most famous dessert in the city and perhaps of the Galicia region, and the best way to experience it is at this 90-year old bakery. It is decorated with powdered sugar and has an imprint of the cross of St James.

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7. Valleta, Malta: Date Kiosk , Imqaret

Image Source:  Bradtguide

Before becoming the ingredient of choice for conscious eaters on a raw vegan diet, Middle Easterners used date as a star staple in all their pastries.

But if we’ve all tried maqrud or ma’amoul, imqaret is perhaps the most unknown sweet – and yet, it’s the Maltese equivalent to a French madeleine. Shaped in diamond and filled with dates, it is deep fried and traditionally sold on street markets.

The fat cousin of Fig Newton, basically.

8. Vienna, Austria: Demel, Aple Strudel

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 19.22.36
Image Source:  Flickr

The Bavarian take on apple pie is as exciting as it is simple: to make apple strudel, thin slices of apple are mixed with raisins, sugar, and melted butter, all rolled in a yeast dough. Served hot with whipped cream, don’t be fooled by the apple to dough ratio: this is a very rich dessert – but it’s absolutely worth it!

9. Prague, Czech Republic: Creperie U Kajetána, Trdnelnik

Image Source: Hele

This sweet pastry was registered as a protected geographic indication by the EU in 2007, a label granted to exceptional European cultural products such as Scotch Whisky, Parma ham or French Champagne wine. Baked over coals or wood fire, this traditional cake is made with dark beer and cinnamon.

10. Stockholm, Sweden: Vetekatten, Kanelbüllar

Image Source: Theraymartcrave

Founded in 1928, this patisserie is an institution in Stockholm – and the place to try the Swedish version of cinnamon roll. Less decadent than their American equivalent, kanelbüllar is a spiced brioche-like bun covered with rock sugar that is the perfect comfort food during Swedish long winters.

11. Moscow, Russia: Cafe Pushkin, Syrniki

Image Source: Vitalinka

Syrniki is the Russian farmer version of pancake. Made with cottage cheese, it is a denser form of ricotta-pancakes, which are eaten for breakfast piled with jam.

12. Nazareth, Israel: Food stands, Knafeh

Image Source: Asidewrite

Simple and yet quite possibly the most drool-worthy desserts for those who’ve had the chance to have authentic knafeh, this cheese-based treat made with long, angel hair-thin shredded dough is served warm with hot rose water syrup.

13. Maras, Turkey: MaDo, Maraş Dondurma

Image Source: Kizierkeklekidili

You’ve never had ice cream unless you’ve had Maras style ice cream. Chewy and think, it is made with salep and mastic, the ingredient that gives bubble gum its elastic texture.

Aside from its unique floral taste, this traditional Turkish frozen treat never falls or melts – meaning that yes, slow eaters with a strong appetite can theoretically put as much as they want on a cone without staining themselves.

14. Tokyo, Japan: Toraya Cafe, Flourless Chocolate Cake

Image Source: Roppongihills

Sure, we all love the old Toraya’s monakas and ryokan, but Toraya Café’s fusion desserts take the cake.

Don’t be fooled by this chocolate cake’s simple appearance. Made with bean paste in lieu of flour, this decadent chocolate cake is an incredibly rich, well-textured, and, yes, addictive dessert. And in case you’re wondering, there’s no chocolate sauce required – that says something. Oh! And did we say there’s 30% less calories than a regular chocolate cake?

15. Sidney, Australia: Unbirthday Bakery, Hero Cake

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 12.37.21
Image Source: Un-birthday 

This is quite possibly the most extravagant cake ever made: with punk colors, edible flowers, cookies, meringues, popcorns and candy bars, this is the way to indulge in your guiltiest pleasure.

All cakes are made custom to order, so you’re guaranteed to find all your favorite treats on that special cake.

16. Sidney, Australia: Aqua S, Sea Salt Soft Serve Ice Cream

Image Source: Concreteplayground

This is the dessert we’ve been dreaming about for a while: served on a fairy floss cloud, this soft serve ice cream is topped with caramel popcorn and grilled marshmallow – all on a chocolate cone.

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