Chinese Students Rap Video About What China Is Really Like Is Going Crazy Viral

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Four Chinese students, studying in mainland China have released a video on the popular Chinese social media site Weibo, originally released during the end of June, it has suddenly gained massive traction across China.

The lyrics, written by Yijie Li, born in 1994, an English major from Sichuan Normal University, go into great detail about many of the controversies and issues facing China. From major corruption, and income inequality, to the idea that China might be “evil” or at least perceived to be evil by the outside world.

The students are obviously patriotic and proud of China, but in China as with the rest of the world, dissent can be patriotic. They focus on the issues of connected wealthy Chinese citizens helping out their friends, while those without a powerful family might be left behind.

The lyrics also speak to the views of the young in China, many of whom are proud of the past few decades in China, a time when so many have been pulled out from poverty, but they question the values of the few who have spent their time chasing money, without truly embracing change and common values.

The song is rapped in English, making it clear who the intended audience is, but rather than highlighting the differences between the new China and the “West” it is clear that both China and the “Western” economies of Europe and the US face similar issues, a young and enthusiastic population who admire the success of the previous generation, but do not necessarily want the same for themselves.

The video really took off recently, when the Chinese government’s official Weibo account reposted the video. While the video is, for the most part, a positive reflection of China, and has beautiful imagery that might encourage tourism and investment, it still might come as a surprise to many in the US, that the Chinese government would be happy to promote a video within China that questions so much of the recent changes in China that are consistently touted as a success.

Watch the video for yourself, and perhaps you will see a side of China you did not know about.

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This is China in Rap

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