How Did Trump Win The “Latin Vote”? QUE?!!

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Trump’s Victory At Nevada: With a Little Help From His Amigos

Last night, Donald Trump won 45.9% of the votes in the Nevada Republican Caucus with a nearly 20% margin while obtaining 12 delegates. Marco Rubio followed in second place, with 23.9% and 5 delegates. Ted Cruz came in third, with 21.4% and 5 delegates. Perhaps most surprising was Trump’s sweeping victory of the supposed Latino Republican voting bloc. 46% of Latino Republicans voted for Trump, according to entrance polls.

It is worth noticing that Latino Republicans did not massively vote for the two Latino candidates, Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz. Most of these voters went for Trump. Specifically, these voters were part of the Latino working class.

In his victory speech last night, Trump said: “We won with the educated. We won with the poorly educated. I love the poorly educated.” A moment that drew cheers and applause from his supporting crowd. “We’re the smartest people, we’re the most loyal people. You know what I really am happy about, because I’ve been saying it for a long time, 46 percent with the Hispanics, 46 percent, No. 1 with hispanics. I’m really happy about that.” At this point Trump’s fans, perhaps surprised themselves, let out a huge chorus of his favorite chant “TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP!”

The Latino support for Trump was something news outlets did not expect. It took a lot of them by surprise. CNN political expert David Chalian said: “This is the wow number of the night. It is just unbelievable.” Others reporters with massive following tweeted their surprise and disbelief. Many attributed this trend as a unpredictable twist of fortune. And something nobody could foresee.

Donald Trump Vs Univision

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For all I know, there was no twist of fortune in this case. Just a lot of political propaganda disguised as serious and objective journalism. Along with journalists just thinking it could not be possible, even when faced with cold hard data.

Six months ago, Donald Trump accused the Mexican government of manipulating the immigration system. He said: “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best…They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists and some, I assume, are good people.” His statement supposedly brought universal condemnation. Univision rejected Trump’s accusations and set up an aggressive campaign to discredit him. Two months later, almost everyone believed Trump did not have a chance to get the Latino vote. Latinos from both sides of the specter were meant to unite forces to defeat him.

At that time, only a few voices disagreed. Journalist Peggy Noonan, from the Wall Street Journal, refused to join the herd. Noonan had spoken to a Deli worker, a Latino grassroots member in New York. He told her that most Latinos actually love Trump. He advised Noonan to discredit what Univision said, because that news channel only propagated the views of the Latino elite. In fact, a few polls held by specialists actually showed that Trump could get a substantial portion of the Latino vote. Back then, nobody paid attention to this data.

Six months later, circumstances have proved, once again, that deceit is everywhere and truth is always hard to find.

Why Would Latinos Vote For Trump?

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But why? Why would us Latinos vote for a man who made such outlandish statements? Well, it turns out we are not to dissimilar to everyone else. People think that because of the color of our skin, or where our parents came from, we will need to vote as a bloc. But Latinos have been caught up in Trump Mania along with everybody else.

Furthermore, there are areas of Trump’s policy that we, along with much of the American people, agree on: his bravado on foreign trade, his stance on foreign policy, and his promises to be the “greatest jobs president that God has ever created”. If Trump can convince white America, the “educated and the poorly educated” (He loves the poorly educated by the way!) Why would he not be able to convince us? I am not too sure he has poor white America’s best interests at heart, but he has convinced them he does. And he also convinced the same amount of Republican Latinos in Nevada.

People should understand that many Mexican immigrants and their children are also very critical of the Mexican government. Mexicans are fed up with it. They know the government is corrupt, abusive, in the pocket of big money and big violence, throwing out lenient terms and often ignoring the carnage they create, with the hope of clinging to power. If we are honest, it sounds similar to career politicians in the US, rubbing shoulders with big money, big Pharma and special interest groups. Many in the Latino public are just as upset with the campaign finance system as “White America” is, and so we should be.

We, just like everybody else, like Trump’s straight talking, his charisma and his character. In addition, many Latinos consider illegal migration to be a major problem, for the undocumented migrants themselves, for migrants who went through the legal process, and for Latin America itself, who see the rise of criminal enterprises specializing in human trafficking across the US border.

Latinos, like much of the American public, are mortified when we see the horrors of young Central American children fleeing violence sent away at the US border. We wonder if Trump would have done so well with the “Latin vote”, had the thousands of young Central American children that were arriving in the US in 2015 continued during election season.

Will Trump be able to close up the Republican primary? With Latino’s voting in his favor, it seems very possible. Will he be able to win in November against the Democrats? It is still too early to know.

But one thing we do know, is that us Latinos are just like everybody else.

Written By Pedro Moreno and Steven Shamoon

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