A Peruvian Icon Goes Global: Google Celebrates Yma Sumac’s Birthday

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Never in 2,000 years has there been another voice like hers.”- Musician Moises Vivanco

Happy Birthday Yma Sumac!

On a day like today, in 1923, the great Soprano Yma Sumac was born in the beautiful land of Peru. She was a glorious artist who attained fame in the United States and all over the globe. As a form of tribute, the technology giant Google has honored her today with a Google Doodle. With this gesture, Yma Sumac becomes the first Peruvian immortalized with a ‘Doodle’, an honor only granted to Nobel laureates, gifted artists, writers and human rights activists.

Yma Sumac is now a shining star in the firmament of the Global Village.

Zoila Chavarri del Castillo: The Peruvian Songbird

b32efc287a4957d271d372d2751a71c2Image Source: Pinterest

Zoila Chavarri del Castillo was born in Callao, Peru in 1923. She repeatedly said she was a direct descendant of Inca nobility. Zoila was gifted with an extraordinary voice and recorded an album of Peruvian folk songs which became a hit on the radio. In 1946, she moved to New York City with her husband, a band leader.

Zoila had already adopted her mother’s name, Yma Sumac, which in Quechua means “How beautiful!” In New York, Yma Sumac was signed by Capitol Records and became a success, with performances in the Carnegie Hall and starring in Hollywood films such as “The Secret of the Incas”, along Charlton Heston. She toured Europe and the German audience were particularly fond of her. Yma Sumac is the only Peruvian who has a star on the famous Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

Peruvians feel proud that Ima Sumac has attained such recognition. Due to her matchless contributions, this Peruvian star already belongs to American culture and the world culture across all continents.


Now let’s Listen to Yma Sumac’s Classic Song, the Mambo Gopher!

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The great Yma Sumac - Mambo! - Gopher

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