11 Signs You Have An Irish American Mother

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The Irish immigrants are widely recognized as the architects of the American politics, economic development, and social integration. Their unrelenting spirit and strong organization capacity demonstrated high impacts in every aspect of life. The Irish influence in the American history is evident through the rise of the Democratic Party and the spread of the Catholic religion across the federation.

Despite most of the Americans boasting the Irish-American identity, the following signs identify those raised by Irish-American Mothers.

1. You Understand How Your Family Found Their Way To America

Soon after the immigration of the Irish to North America, they found it difficult to secure employment opportunities in the foreign nation. They united to work their way to get political positions that helped them secure jobs for their people. In addition, with the tragic events that led to their immigration, they have a strong identity with their mother nation that is often passed from generation to the other.

2. You Know All The Great Saints


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The Irish Americans are predominantly Catholics and hence adhere to the annual calendar of events. When you visit their homes, you need not ask, as you will find crucifixes, rosaries, and hymnbooks at the table room. If you grew up under an Irish mother, you know all the great saints through daily celebrations and perhaps understand why each is commemorated. It is likely that you have received a rosary as a gift from your mother.

3. You Feared The Wooden Spoons

If you spent some time in the kitchen with your mum, you know what the wooden spoon can do other than serving. In case you failed to do your duties, insulted in her presence, or stole some money to buy some biscuits, the only punishment you know was a thorough beating. Most of the beating happened when your mother was cooking or serving and hence the common use of the wooden spoon.

4. The Doctors’ Instructions Did Not Apply At Your Home

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When you fell sick, you were taken to the nearest clinic for medication. In most cases, the doctor made prescriptions of the drugs required for your recovery and told you what not to take until full recovery. Your mother could not adhere to all these instructions and would substitute that with the flat 7UP and honey so long as it cures the disease.

5. You Can Quickly Identify Rhetorical Questions

If you lived in an American-Irish household, you probably spent the bulk of your early childhood with your mother rather than your father. When your mother was beating you, every can whip with a question that reminded you of the number of times she had warned of such mistakes. You knew she did not want answers to the issues and hence learned not to answer any rhetoric matters in future.

6. You Are Used To Threats

If you played with your friends in the presence of your mother, your ball could run out of control and perhaps miss some of the nice glass windows. If she was keen, you were threatened of crucifixion in the event you do something that could cause destruction.

7. You Are Still Don’t Like Using A Tumble Dryer

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If you attended an Irish American school, you probably had little time for washing owing to the lectures and the sporting activities. In such cases, you came home every weekend with a bag full of clothes for her to wash. Your mother enjoyed drying the clothes naturally as opposed to using a tumble dryer, and hence you do not find it useful.

8. You Were Keen To Maintain The Same Haircut

Most of the Irish American parents were keen on the discipline of their children. Any change of behavior was an alarm that the kids were getting out of control. For young boys, your mother was very keen on the type of haircut and always accused you of changing it even when you did not. You would probably visit the same barber to avoid any variations.

9. Biscuits Were Preserved For The Visitors

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Irish American families are known for their hospitality towards visitors. You could not miss a breakfast whenever you called in a household and hence the reason the biscuits were reserved for the guests. You could take any other meal but punished for taking biscuits without your mother permission.

10. You Are Cost Conscious

With most of the fathers taking the provisioning role for the family, you have rarely encountered your father’s anger for your wrongdoing. When you were given money, your mother was keen on the cost of the items that you bought and could always show you how you would have derived more value from the similar amount.

11. Goodbyes Accounted Up To Five Minutes Of The Phone Conversation

The firm identity of the Irish Americans makes them friendly towards each other. A conversation seems endless as they have more and more to talk about even when they are doing it over the phone. Your know you were raised by an Irish-American mother if she could take at least five minutes to say goodbye over the phone.

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