The Top 10 Douchebags That Aussies Banned From Their Land

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Entering Australia and being greeted with our ever friendly, drug-sniffing patrol of golden retrievers is by no means as simple as booking a flight on Qantas. That is if you are Daryush Valizadeh.

Unlike certain countries of the world, who may ban Brad Pitt for his movies like China, Beyoncé from Malaysia for promoting “Western sexy performances and Russell Brand for shoving cocaine-packed condoms up his ass like Japan; in Australia, we ban people based on their level of being a douchebag and of course if you are smuggling fruit nuts or drugs up your ass.

Here is a list of our top 10 douchebags that have been banned from the shores of Australia.

1.Daryush Valizadeh

Image Source: WFAA

Also known as Roosh V, he is the leader of a “Neo-Masculinist’ group that advocates the legalization of rape known as ‘Return of Kings’ (ROK). This douchebag aims to usher the return of the masculine man in a world where by his account “masculinity is being increasingly punished and shamed in favour of creating an androgynous and politically-correct society that allows women to assert superiority and control over men”.

His views of the world are delusional, anarchist and derogatory to women, and that is simply the type of person Australia banes form entering. Daryush is yet to be denied a visa based on the fact that he hasn’t applied for one yet, but his upcoming tour of Australia is sure to face scrutiny from our immigration minister Peter Dutton.

2. Julien Blanc

Image Source: SBS

Julien Blanc, who is a self proclaimed “international leader in dating advice” is a self-style pick up artist, who travels around the world preaching his derogatory values of women in forms of seminars to men on how to meet and seduce women.

One of his infamous quotes was: “the hottest women are often the most insecure, so don’t forget to treat them like trash”. Immigration minister Scott Morrison even admits “This guy wasn’t putting forward political ideas, he was putting forward abuse that was derogatory to women and that’s just something, those are values abhorred in this country.” 

3. Chris Brown

Image Source: Lucy Nicholson

Also known for his domestic assault and threatening to kill his then girlfriend Rihanna, Mr. Brown comes in at number three of our douchebags. I don’t care how talented you are as an artist. If you are an indecent and abhorrent human being, you are not going to gain access to the best country in the world. If you haven’t caught the trend yet, Australia stands up for women rights and will ban anyone who does not align with our country’s values.

4. Dan Blizerian

Dan B banned from aus
Image Source: The Betoota Advocate 

Dan Blizerian, the self proclaimed playboy of instagram was denied entry to Australia. If you think guns, fancy cars, naked women and money could get you into the country, you are greatly mistaken. Dan was denied entry on the grounds that he kicked a woman, Vanessa Castano in the face in a Miami nightclub. The thought of Dan trolling around Bondi beach, stalking and degrading our infamous bikini models would have been a sight for sore eyes. But once again Australia has done us proud.

5. Jeff Allen

Image Source: Uptown Almanac

Allen is associated with the Real Social Dynamics groups. When you have a self-confessed “rape van”, it is hard to imagine why he was denied entry to Australia. His foul and abusive language towards women is evident in his biography that states his “particular area of expertise is scoring threesome, through demeaning women and advocating violence against women in order to seduce them.

Australia by no means regrets rejecting his intended seminars, titled “How to suck girls into your sex-worthy-reality” and “how to destroy her bitch shield”. Good call Australia.

6. Troy Newman

Image Source: Charlie Riedel

Troy is an American anti-abortion activist, who attempted to fly to Australia last October despite his visa being cancelled. He was thus deported on the grounds that he’d be a threat to “good order” and his views could lead to protest endangering women seeking abortions and the medical staff performing the procedures. To reiterate MP Terri Butler’s reasoning “we don’t welcome extremists into our country. Goodbye Troy Newman.

7. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

 Image Source: Instagram

Money can buy a plethora of things in this world, except for a visa to Australia. Mayweather along with his 30-person entourage, which included security personnel, agent, personal assistant, djs and assorted hangers-on and friends were denied access based on his history of violence towards women. If you have learned anything by now, it should be: if you have any history of degrading women, you will not be granted access to our shores that encourages gender equality.

8. David Irving

Image Source: Snipview

Where to even start on why he wasn’t allowed a visa to enter Australia. Lets start on his rap sheet of serving 13 months in jail in Austria for denying the Holocaust, his self proclaimed love of being called a “racist, an Anti-Semite and an active holocaust denier”.

Irving was further convicted in Germany for defaming the memory of the dead and was expelled from the country that following year. With Australia’s strict policy of banning criminals from our shores, it is no surprise David Irving will not be given the right to visit his daughter now living in Australia.

 9. Sheikh Bilal Philips

maxresdefault (1)
Image Source: Youtube

This douchebag was denied entry on the advice from security personnel that claimed he would be a “public safety risk”. He was linked to the 1993 world trade centre bombing and named as an “unindicated co-conspirator” by the US government and hence denied entry. Furthermore it doesn’t help that he preaches public executions, stoning, the right of Muslim men to marry pubescent girls and blaming western culture for being the enemy of Islam.

10. Snoop Dogg

 Image Source: Just Jared

Honestly who doesn’t love him? Snoop has had a long history of criminal convictions that mainly suggest drug abuse and firearm offences. But he does not discriminate between genders, preach hate nor is a douchebag. And for all those reasons that is why in 2008 his ban was lifted and he is able to bask in the sun and on the shores of Australia, smoking blunts on a daily routine and touring around the country.
There is our top 10 douchebags that were not allowed into this country. Let us know if we missed anyone out or who we should kick out.

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