The Funniest, Weirdest French Expressions Ever

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Who said the French have no sense of humor? We use funny words in our language everyday. See for yourself.

1. We don’t just say that someone is arrogant, we say they ‘fart higher than one’s ass’ (péter plus haut que son cul).

2. We don’t just say that someone has a ‘hot temper’ we say they are ‘milk soup’ (soupe au lait).

3. We don’t just say that something was ‘easy’, we say we ‘succeeded with our fingers in our nose’ (réussir les doigts dans le nez).


4. We don’t like to say that ‘we’ve been stood up’, so instead we say that someone ‘put a rabbit on us’ (poser un lapin).

5. We don’t just say that ‘it’s cold’, rather we say that it’s ‘duck cold’ (faire un froid de canard).

6. Alternatively, we like to say that we ‘peel our ass off’ (se peler le cul).

7. A man doesn’t just say that he’s had it with a girl, he loves to claim that he ‘dipped his biscuit’ (tremper son biscuit).


8. And if a couple gets at it one more time, we say they ‘set the table again’ (remettre le couvert).


9. We don’t like to offend people by overtly saying they ‘smell bad’, so instead we say they ‘don’t smell like a rose’ (ne sent pas la rose).


10. We don’t just say we finish something quickly. Rather, we like to boast that we do it ‘in two strokes, three movements’ (en deux temps, trois mouvements).


11. We won’t just tell you that you’re ‘overcomplicating’ something basic, we’ll say that you’re ‘looking for noon at 2 o’clock’ (chercher midi à quatorze heure).

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12. We don’t just say that a girl is a prude, we call her a ‘saint don’t-touch-it’ (sainte nitouche).

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13. A man is not ‘stupid’, he is ‘slow to the trigger’ (lent à la détente).

c3adebdb63737831f21ae2ed83a4f202c18ca1e2546871a2b14de8795a25c66f 14. We don’t just call a social climber an opportunist. We like to say he ‘eats at all the racks’ (manger à tous les râteliers).social-ladder

15. A person doesn’t just ‘retire’ or even ‘die’, they ‘shoot their bow’ (tirer sa révérence).


16. You’re not just ‘hip’, you have ‘the wind in the stern’ (avoir le vent en poupe).


17. We know success is double faced, but we prefer to call that ‘the other side of the medal’ (le revers le médaille).

18. Something is not absurd, it is ‘without tail nor head’ (sans queue ni tête).

19. If we want you to keep a secret, we’ll make you promise to keep your word by saying ‘hush and sewn mouth’ (motus et bouche cousue).

20. But if we don’t want to tell you, we’ll keep you guessing for ever by ending it with a definite: ‘mystery and gum ball’ (mystère et boule de gomme).tumblr_inline_ng9b100Z0c1qebcl8

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