The Top Eight Cultural Centers That Irish-Americans Treasure

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With increased tourism marketing efforts from different nations, people tend to identify with the unique cultural and natural features found in their countries. Mexico is known for the warm beaches, Australia for the broad variety of sea creatures while Africa is the home of the big five wild animals.

If you are looking forward to enjoying the ancient Irish culture, you need to visit the existing heritage centers, participate in their annual events, and perhaps get a taste of the well-crafted traditional recipes. Below are some of the most treasured Irish cultural centers.

1. The Guinness Storehouse

Image Source: Dublin at Christmas

The site is one of the most iconic cultural sites that was voted the European top tourist attraction site 2015. When you think of Ireland, you probably have to think of the international beer brand-Guinness made in Dublin. A visit to the storehouse accords you the opportunity to tour the seven-storey building and gain a first-hand experience on how the brew comes to be. After learning the manufacturing process, you cannot miss the opportunity to sample the beer on a visit to panoramic gravity bar.

The gravity bar is located on the topmost floor of the building and offers a 360 degrees view of the capital. The available tour guides take you through the evolution of Guinness since inception as you watch the stunning advertising galleries on your way to the bar.

2. The Powers Court Estate

Image Source: Tentazioni

The land provides a tranquil environment to visitors that come a long way to view the stunning Sugarloaf Mountain. With the major houses dating back to early 1700, you are sure to enjoy the authentic feel of the ancient Irish architectural designs that have seen numerous modifications to suit the modern use.

The Avoca Terrace café provides an array of mouthwatering traditional cuisines while the children enjoy the excellent collection of dolls and toys. Also, a well-kept garden provides a unique wedding site that makes memories last for a lifetime.

3. The Seamus Ennis Arts Centre

Image Source: Blue Grass Ireland

The location is a multi-disciplinary epicenter that was set up to preserve the rich heritage of the Irish culture. The center runs various cultural activities such as comedies, live concerts, traditional music festivals, art and craft exhibitions, cinemas, and theater sessions.

The site is named after the late Seamus Ennis, who was an Irish musician and songwriter widely recognized for preserving about 2000 Irish songs and tunes. It offers the venue where annual festivals are conducted to commemorate his work every October.

4. Brú Ború

Image Source: European Parliament

Another way to celebrate the Irish culture is through the traditional music and dancing festivals that bring out the Irish culture. With the site located at the foot of that famous rock of Cashel, the live concerts run for five days a week (Tuesday to Saturday) starting at 9.00pm during summer.

The group comprises highly talented musicians and dancers that have earned global recognition for their performance expertise. At the end of the show, you can participate in a public dance when traditional Irish music and instruments are played.

5. Seanchai-Kerry Literary & Cultural Center

Image Source: Kerry Gems

The center is widely known for the literary and audio-visual demonstrations provided by the Kerry writers. Located in the Georgian house in Listowel, you are sure to learn the customs and traditions that influenced the content written.

Also, a visit to the site gives you the chance to listen to the tale of the great oral tradition given by the master. After attending the weekly festivals, visitors can take a historic town walk or relax and enjoy the native cuisines in the Allo’s Restaurant.

6. Cobh The Queen’s Town

Cobh in Ireland
Image Source: Voyages sur mesure

Located on the south coast of Ireland, the region was the departure point for about 2.5 million people of the 6 million that migrated to American during the agrarian revolution. The town is widely known for the cemetery where the Titanic survivors were buried after the German U-Boat sank the vessel.

The location offers a wide variety of tourist attractions that provide natural and cultural feel such as the wildlife park, the Fota house, harbor, and Birds Park. You can take part in the titanic trail park that leaves every day all year round.

The queen’s town hosts numerous festivals and concerts to commemorate different occurrences. The festivals include the sinking of Titanic on April, Lusitania in May, and the band championships in June, people’s regatta in August and sea angling festival in September. Also, you cannot miss the spectacular view of well-decorated and informative displays of the Titanic.

7. Dunbrody Emigrant Ship


Image Source: Wexford Hub

When you travel to Ross, you are likely to be drawn by the sight of the magnificent ancient ship that signifies the first vessel, which ferried the Family of Ross together with thousands of immigrants to the North America. The ship allows you to enjoy the spectacular sights, sounds and smells of an enormous vessel crossing the sea. The crew of the ship gives vivid stories of the great famine and the Irish customs and traditions.

Culture is the only way that people identify as a community, a nation, and a continent. Other than the presence of natural features in major tourist destinations, many of them enjoy the local experience that comes with ancient songs and dances, literary works, foods and traditional festivals. Most nations have taken elephant strides in preserving the traditional heritage in confined locations.

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