8 Traditional Irish Dishes That Will Remind Every Irish American of Home

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With Christmas period around the corner, many people are planning for their holiday destinations. When it comes to selecting a suitable tourist destination, you are likely to consider the attraction sites and the amenities available.

In addition to the sites, every country presents unique cultural features that give you a sense of immigrant experience. If you visit America, you cannot miss the burgers, Italy the pasta, Spain the paella, Mexico the corn staples, while Ireland is widely recognized for some finger licking foods. Below are some of the traditional Irish cuisines that you cannot afford to miss on your visit to Ireland or perhaps when visiting your Irish friends and family in the US.

1. The Irish Stew

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When you think of the Irish food, it is impossible to miss a thought of the Irish potatoes. Traditionally, the potatoes formed a significant component of the broad variety of stews that accompanied the main staples. The stew is a national cuisine that was mainly prepared with mutton as beef was a preserve of the rich few. Currently, the stew is made with lamb enriched with vegetables, onions, carrots, and leeks that improve the nutrition value and the flavor.

The meal was common during the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and the Samhain. Americans have learned to adopt the Irish stew to suit their taste. Unlike the Irish preference for the lamb, most of the American states prefer beef stew and find it too right to take on particular occasions.

2. Irish Garlic Roast Lamb

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If you are looking to enjoy the Irish lamb meat, the garlic roast gives you a blend of delicious roast that comes with a distinctive aroma. To prepare the meal, you need a cut of boned lamb meat, cloves of garlic, sea salt, and at least 250 ml of lamb stock. The meat is pre-cooked in an oven before laying it on a roasting tray. Making the holes on the meat ensures even penetration and hence healthy eating. The roast can be served with baked Irish potatoes.

3. Irish Soda Bread

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With increased health concerns on the snacks, Americans are looking forward to meals that promote healthy living. The regular Irish bread is prepared with eggs, butter and studded with caraway seeds and raisins. The Irish used the baking soda to leaven the bread as opposed to the kneading and yeast. The Irish people heavily treasure the bread as it serves to remind them of the days they encountered famine and as one of the ancient meals, they fed on. Americans have spiced it up to with little amounts of sugar and eggs with currants and raisins at the base.

4. Irish Brown Yeast Bread

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The Irish cooks preferred using the baking soda as opposed to yeast since the Irish wheat was soft to make bread with yeast. With improved farming methods, many chefs have opted to adopt yeast bread. A typical Irish breakfast contains the scones, soda/yeast bread, and other accompaniments. As many people look forward to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the demand for the brown bread has been on the rise in the United States. If you need to store it, you can freeze and take it with a hearty soup whenever you need it.

5. Irish Bacon And Cabbage

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According to a vote conducted in 2011, bacon and cabbage was and is still one of the most popular diets in Ireland. Irish bacon is unique from those in other countries as its cured pork sourced from the shoulder or the back of the animal. The general increase in the price of beef made it uneconomical for the poor who opted to substitute it with cheap pork. Often, the meal is served with parsley sauce during the St. Patrick’s Day.

6. Irish Seafood Chowder

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If seafood is your utmost delicacy, you need to consider the variety of recipes provided in the coastal towns of Ireland. The country boasts of about 7500km of pristine coastline that contributes to the national food supply. You can choose from chowder enriched with mussels, white fish, shrimp, grilled haddock, and cod. The smoked salmon makes tasty sandwiches while the chips form a fancy accompaniment to seafood.

7. Irish Apple Crumble Cake

Image Source: Le Journal des femmes

In the American setting, most homes and hotels serve three-course meals. Usually, the dish contains a vegetable sauce, the main meal, and a dessert after the meal. The Irish crumble cake is a perfect dessert as it allows the combination of blackberries and apples. The interior can be moist with a crumbly exterior topping.

8. Irish Creamy Colcannon Mash

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Colcannon is made by mixing mashed potatoes and chopped cabbages or kales, milk, green onions and butter. The Irish butter differs from the American butter as it contains a higher amount of fat than the latter. With constant innovations in the hospitality industry, chefs have deviated from all Irish dishes to an enhanced dish with additives such as garlic, broccoli, and wild greens.

With improved cooking and food preservation technology, it is possible to give the ancient recipes a modern taste. It has been the case for the authentic Irish food prepared in America and other parts of the world. The classical dishes were restricted to specific ingredients that kept the foods original. Modern cooks are eager to discover new tastes by enriching the ancient meals with different additives and ingredients.

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