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XpatNation is a Social News and Lifestyle magazine, focusing on the insights and experiences of ex-patriots living in The United States.

Our writers have all either come from abroad and now live in the US, or have spent significant time living overseas, acclimatising to foreign cultures and politics.

XpatNation brings together the voices, thoughts, perceptions and experiences of the people of the world who have made the USA their home. Using their insight and unique understanding of the global world we live in to discuss culture, lifestyle, Geopolitics and the day to day ongoings of this proud and powerful nation.

Is XpatNation for you? 

Are you interested in international culture and news? Would you like to get in touch or keep up to date with your roots? Spent time abroad and want to keep in the know with the goings on in that country? Perhaps you recently moved to the US and you are yearning for some info on how to best settle in, or just for a little update on the world you left behind back home? Check out XpatNation daily, for expatriate inspired content.

America the XpatNation

The United States of America truly is a nation of immigrants, internationals and expatriates. From all over the world people have come to work, settle, find love and the pursuit of happiness. This is not a new phenomenon, but one that has characterized the United States since before its inception. Founded as a place for economic, political and religious refuge, America has prospered and so to have the many lost or ambitious souls looking to make a new life in the new world.

What is an Expatriate?

Simply someone who has decided to leave their home country and settle in a new nation. Sometimes on a temporary basis, often for the long term. At XpatNation we use the term expatriate and immigrant interchangeably.

How Many Expatriates Live In The USA?

A 2012 Pew study reported that 1st and second generation immigrants make up approximately 75 million people, a massive 25% of the total population. The same study goes on to report that a high percentage of 1st generation and the majority of second generation immigrants consider themselves to be a “Typical American” This massive integration of people from all over the world puts the United States in a powerful and important position in dealing with the world. It also means that almost all events around the world have a direct impact on millions and millions of people who proudly call themselves Americans.

We now live in a very global world, where it is almost impossible to not interact with almost every country across the globe. Purchasing goods that have been made in China, or fruit from the Caribbean, the phone in your hand has been made in parts across a number of countries. And the USA is at the heart of it all, with 12.7% of all world imports (WTO and the World Factbook) no single country is more involved with world trade than the United States.

XpatNation: Our Mission

We will provide insight on major news stories from around the world, as well as cultural and historical events. We also aim to pay close attention to news and culture relating to expatriates and immigrants living in the US. In doing so we aim to highlight the importance of immigration to both the US economy and culture.

We will also discuss issues that worry and bring pain to America, often being able to bring a different perspective. A person who has seen true tyranny can appreciate the rights bestowed upon Americans. Additionally, those who have faced unparalleled economic woes of inflation or instability can offer a perspective to Americans who have never truly seen a break down in their nation.

We are XPATNATION. Join the Nation!

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